Tuesday, February 24, 2009

-- my new nightlight watch

Dear Timex,

Thank you for making a watch that can light up any hour of the night so I can see how little sleep I am actually getting. You have no idea how much I love this feature. I went to Macy's tonight to see if they carried you and they didn't, wtf? I stormed out in a huff. Faithful me will only buy a watch if it works in the dark. No one seems to do this but you. (At least in my price range.) You rock!


Score! $17 from Sears; found and purchased in 10 minutes.

Of course the fast shopping time was partially due to the knives I swallowed this morning that have been stuck in my throat all day, rasping at it and making it more and more raw by the moment.

Yes, I am sick, but at least I'll know what time it is when I'm tossing all night.

Note to self: two-year warranty,
the countdown begins today.


Shera said...

Hey, Typhoid Mary! I love the "uranium pellet" description...Ima go mosey on over and read that story of your's now. p.s. I am not just the president of the Club for Frustrated Insomniacs, I am also a member.

geekhiker said...

I read somewhere that watches are falling in sales. The kids don't use them anymore; they just get the time off their cell phones. That said, I keep staring at the $400 watches that they advertise in Backpacker that will do everything. Drool...

AndreaLeigh said...

omg! Ok if I get back to bed within 3 minutes, I can still get 2.7 more hours of sleep!

haha. I totally do this, and it just stresses me out even more.

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