Friday, March 20, 2009

-- dolphins saved by locals

Yeah, I know. A lot of news snippets today. I almost cried reading this. Dolphins trapped by ice were freed by locals who broke out a path for them to the open water.
"You'd hear them crying, every night," said one of the men in the boat, Rodney Rice, 39. "I went down there last night and you could hear them trying to break up more ice. . . . They wouldn't have lasted another day."
"One of the dolphins was really weak, and one of the young guys who had a survival suit on got into the water with it and stayed with it, and the dolphin just kind of wrapped his fins around him. . . . It was amazing."
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Niffer said...

Wow. That was touching. How amazing is that?

Kelly O said...

Almost shmalmost. I totally did cry reading it.

aishaj said...

omg - as soon as they said "crying" i was tearing up!

talkingtostones said...

What a great story. I'm so glad they did something and didn't just shrug their shoulders and leave it in someone else's hands.

We were at Sea World recently and spent several hours at the dolphin nursery, where several of them were clowning around, flirting, and, I swear, laughing. It's amazing how intelligent, friendly, and interactive they are.

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