Monday, March 2, 2009

-- today's snow, and still contemplating Flagstaff

It snowed today and as I was heaving piles of the wet stuff off my car, I thought of Flagstaff, how we'd better get used to it if we go out there.

The storm of the century but our Chicagoan president is not impressed. Alas, work was not closed. (Ok maybe I am exaggerating a wee bit... only about 6 inches fell here, but the heaviest-hit parts of Maryland got 12 inches.)
However, the dog loves the snow. LOVES it.

Squirrels? OMG, WHERE!!

Crap, maybe they're over here!

Ah screw it. I'll just play with the ball instead.

Driving around. This is one of
my favorite streets in Bowie, MD.

Hard to believe we were in Flagstaff just a week ago. I bet I got my cold from some nasty snot-covered airport surface.

So more about our trip. Since we were scoping out the area, first thing I picked up was a local real estate magazine. You know how realtors always exclaim "LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! " ? Well they must be right. Check out what you can buy:

Would you rather have this?

Phoenix: $170k.

Or this??
Middle of nowhere, $185k.

Monthly cost difference: about $15.

Gee, which one do I want?

Of course since it's in the middle of nowhere and a 4.2 hour one-way commute isn't an option, that settles that.

Before we flew out, I decided to pack light and only brought one pair of shoes the whole trip: snowboots. This seemed wise since there was 2 feet of snow on the ground in Flagstaff.

But then we landed in Phoenix and had lunch and my feet were on fire. It was about 80 degrees and every man, woman and child stared open-jawed at my winter clothing. Not just glances, but a "wow, I'd better stand back because you must be deranged" kind of look. I definitely did NOT fit in.

Old people are always cold so if THEY are
wearing shorts, that tells you how hot it was...

Alright, whatever.

We continued the drive up to Flagstaff after lunch in a broken down shopping center. Note to self: Phoenix does not seem particularly attractive.

Cactus country, leaving Phoenix on the way to Flagstaff.

Entering Flagstaff, a very different world.

View from the hotel.

The trip ended too quickly. Now we have to see whether or not this will work....
Dan in the airport on the way home.


melissa said...

your future is wide open, holly. how fortunate to be able to pick and choose our limitations.

geekhiker said...

Seeing those two houses juxtaposed makes me ask the universe the question: why can't I get one of those incredibly well-paying, work-from-home, live-anywhere-you-want jobs!

friyet said...

that first house in phoenix looks scarily like a southwest version of the house in the amityville horror!

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