Tuesday, April 7, 2009

-- music in other languages

Well, I'm still quite taken with Blip.fm. I love how I'm just hearing all this cool music in other languages that I'd otherwise never know about. Here are a few that recently stood out:


Gracias a la vida, from Violeta Parra

Fields of Gold: remake of Sting's song by Eva Cassidy:

French (this one is blues-ey):
Bill Deraime – Plus la peine de frimer

Portugese (Brazilian musicians):
C├íssia Eller e Nando Reis – Relic├írio

Zazie – La PLuie Et Le Beau Temps

Garry Schyman – Praan


deva said...

1. I'm totally gonna download that Spanish song!

2. I've been an Eva Cassidy fan for a long time - she had an AMAAAAZING voice. If you like Fields of Gold, I recommend you also listen to "Blues in the Night" and "Imagine" and "Over the Rainbow". All of her songs are incredible, but these are a few of my favorite covers.

Libby said...

i love eva cassidy. my design prof would play her music during class last year...she had such a beautiful voice!


btw - i gave you a blog award yesterday!

Rachel said...

I heard about this language on television one day, and since then I've been a little obsessed with it. Since I never knew it existed before, I was amazed. And I'm still amazed after reading about it. I'm guessing that listening to it (or "speaking" it) is sort of like listening to music all the time. :)


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