Tuesday, April 14, 2009

-- the prunes that weren't meant to be

Actual conversation, tonight:
Dan: omg, you're throwing those out??! Why??

Me: these prunes are THREE YEARS OLD. They're expired.

Dan: But! They're prunes. They never go bad!

Me: I am not eating three year old prunes.

Dan: But the container's never been opened!

Me: If we have not WANTED to eat them for the past 3 years. what makes you think we are going to want to eat them in the next 3 weeks?*


Me: hmph. I thought so. (happy strut to trash can)

And so it was for the prunes that were never meant to be.

*in 3 weeks we are moving temporarily to Arizona; currently getting house ready for tenant, more on that later!


Michael Berman said...

As a general rule, anything that doesn't spoil in three years is something I don't want to eat.

geekhiker said...

AZ isn't too far away. When's the housewarming party?

kimmers said...

We're moving this weekend (just a local one, back to our old condo) and the ONE shining spot in the moving process has been all the JUNK we took the opportunity to throw away.

Also, I clean the fridge out when Nick isn't home. And every once in a while he'll be like, "Hey didn't I have leftover tacos in here?" and I'll just feign total ignorance. :)

melissa said...

hilarious, holly! i somehow sense a bit of pack rat-ness about you and dan. hehehe... good call on the tossing.


AndreaLeigh said...

my husband is the exact same way. he'd eat pizza that was 2 weeks old if I didn't pry the molded crust out of his hands. gross.

prunes?? lol.

I wanted to say thanks for your kind words on the post about my uncle. it meant a lot to me! i appreciate it!

spleeness said...

@berman: amen!

@geekhiker: all summer long!

@kimmers: haha, so you totally understand what I'm talking 'bout.

@melissa: there is no "we" in the packratness equation.

@andrealeigh: maybe they'd both get together for an old pie with prune topping.

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