Monday, April 20, 2009

-- random photos from the past week

Some pictures from this past week:

Undaunted, the cat stares down my weapon.

But its paltry size tires her and she waves it away carelessly.

Shedding season is here. Actual size of dog hair, on my skirt. I had to stretch my thumb and forefinger to span either end. (Click to enlarge.)

Deception in the cafeteria fridge... be careful, it's everywhere!

My coworker put up this cute little birdy picture outside her cube. It was missing a face; a deficit that cannot be allowed.

And the African violets my mom gave me are blooming because for once (FOR ONCE!) I actually remembered to water them for 2 weeks in a row.


Kelly O said...

AH HAHAHAHAHA!! I totally didn't notice the face until I saw the picture. Well done!

Shera said...

You are so twisted...(bird's face)...I love it! Re: dog hair, yeah, but how big are your hands? I'm 5'10+ with gigantic, man-hands! It's not fair that my brother is 6'3" and we have the same size hands! I remember having to shoo away the coach in High School..."For the 27th time, I DO NOT want to play basketball!"

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