Wednesday, April 1, 2009

-- roadtrip photos, and tell me your story

Sunday I was driving back from NJ -- the sky was so interesting I took these photos from the car.

Billowy clouds at the University of Delaware in Middletown, NJ

Forbidding skies ahead in Maryland as we
crossed over the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

The clouds darken.

You can see a band of rain up ahead but the road was dry as a bone. My buddy Kev later tweeted from Virginia that ice balls fell on his car right about the same time we were driving home marveling at the interesting clouds heading across the state:
We just missed it! What was the worst weather you ever drove in?


Kelly O said...

Todd and I seem to have driven in more than our fair share of blizzards. That always sucks.

Niffer said...

I was once driving up the "hill" in CO to get home. It was snowing so hard that I could see better with my headlights off. I tried to pull over to let someone else lead, but every time I did, they pulled over with me and waited. Whenever a car came in the opposite direction, I would turn on my lights so that they would see me and then I (and the long line behind me) would just stop and wait for them to pass because I didn't know where the road was.

spleeness said...

I hate driving in snow/ice. I was sitting here picturing what that ride must have been like not even seeing the road.

geekhiker said...

Driving on PCH out to Ventura once, at night, in a driving storm (yes, we get them), on a section where the striping was pretty much gone. Oh, and on the left side? A quick drop to the rocky ocean. Fun!

hebba said...

Blizzards don't phase me a bit. But have you ever driven during a dust storm? Impossible. You gotta pull over (guessing that you are actually OFF the road) and close the vents immediately. Otherwise your car gets filled up with sand. (and a jeep wranger with a soft top is not air tight!)

kevin forgot said...

there were definitely balls in my face that day

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