Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fine. I gnawed them apart with my teeth.

So we're here, in Flagstaff! We made it. Staying in a quaint apartment on the Observatory's campus and using their awesome set of cooking knives to produce THIS:
The reddish hue is somewhat due to the spurting blood from when I accidently hacked off some limbs while sawing away. So what if it took 10 minutes - we will have butternut squash tonight!

I have a lot to share -- the rest of our trip, pictures of the apartment (and the abysmal search for a new one amidst scammers on Craigslist) and more. I'll be back when my arm is reattached!


melissa said...

good heavens. let me know if i should have todd bring you my henckels next week... they'll make for interesting carry on.

hautepocket said...

Congrats on a safe arrival! I enjoyed your Tweets along the way.

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