Friday, May 29, 2009

it happened!! The perfect apartment does actually exist.

It happened! And not a minute too late. But almost!

If you've been following me on Twitter, you've probably seen that I have been furiously searching for housing the minute we arrived in Flagstaff two weeks ago.

I was hoping to fall in love with a place but many of those that looked great online turned out to be scams*. Those that weren't were either crack houses, had mold problems, were too far or too expensive.

We were about to settle on a place that was so-so but convenient -- we'd even put down a deposit on it -- when the perfect apartment materialized. I nearly busted a gut when we walked in.

It's an apartment attached to someone's home and has beautiful vaulted ceilings, tasteful tile & carpet and lots of windows and light. It's a small 1 bedroom but simply lovely. The landlords are so nice and the place is within WALKING distance to everything -- Dan's work, the library, fun downtown region filled with restaurants, yet is still in a quiet area. I am beside myself.

I've been so consumed with finding a good place that I've been unable to blog, my emotional energy & time wrapped up on the sole focus of obtaining housing. Now I can finally relax!

The only pain is that we have to move out of our on-campus temporary housing into a motel for 2 weeks. I've been living out of a suitcase for a month now and will be relieved when I can finally unpack!
*Scams! Let me just say this... don't give your social security number out to anyone for any reason! Scammers posing as landlords post pictures of gorgeous houses at ridiculously low prices on Craigslist and then, when contacted, reply about their overwhelming response and how you must fill out a credit report application (or some other form requesting personal info) before they'll even show you the place. Some even say deceptful things like "You don't have to send me the credit report, just do it on this website for free!" I can only imagine the database of harvested social security numbers there. Bottom line: meet the landlord and see the property first before giving out any personal information.


melissa said...

hooray! so thrilled for you guys! todd said it's fabulous out there. i am just so sure you guys are going to love the west.

Kelly O said...

YAAY!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!

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