Monday, June 8, 2009

Flagstaff at sunset

Mountain skies are so dramatic. Here is the sunset Friday night as we walked downtown to Friday night's art walk to visit area galleries (held on the first Friday of every month).

View from our hotel at sunset.
The sky looks like it's on fire sometimes!

I took this shot on Beaver Street and applied the
posterizing Photoshop filter.

For this photo, I applied the watercolor filter.
(Since I can't paint, it's the next best thing!)


Niffer said...

I love the one with the watercolor filter. It turned out really neat.

hautepocket said...

You photos are beautiful. Several of them remind me of the scene during California wildfires.

P.S. Just wanted to say that your blog comments always make me laugh. :)

pistachio said...

Nice photos! I sometimes use the coffee filter. It always makes my sunrises less blurry.

kimmers said...

I need to install Photoshop and teach myself to use it. These photos are great - I really love the watercolor effect.

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