Friday, June 26, 2009

If it LOOKS like a spider...

Here's what a freak I am about spiders. I will recoil from anything with an arachnoid shape. It doesn't even actually have to BE a spider. (Or, from yesterday's experience, even look like one.)

This was close enough:
Yes, an innocent cherry stem lying innocuously on the floor terrified me. (For a split second, at least, until I did the math.) But even then, I was still creeped out picking it up.

As if that isn't embarrassing enough, this disorder extends itself to an entire host of inanimate objects. And explains why I have a mental block against handling something as harmless as squiggly black lint. It's a wonder I did not need to receive trauma therapy after seeing THIS. (Warning: creepy spider alert. Check that. EXTREMELY creepy spider alert. You were warned!)


kevin forgot said...

here's one that you'll love: camel spider

spleeness said...

Oh good lord. NOW I need therapy!

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