Friday, June 5, 2009

my new office and kitchen, and desire to hurl phone

So we have about two weeks before we move into an apartment. We went from the temp on-campus place to a hotel, here are my current digs:

(It has food and I intend to cook,
so it must be a kitchen, right?)

My new office.

Just got our mail, one month's worth (that's the stack of papers) thanks to a kind neighbor who boxed it all up and shipped it out.

$43 in postage to mail us our mail!
Creative bumper fix we saw on the way to Phoenix:
metal tied with bungee cord to rear wiper.
(I once fastened my muffler on with a wire hanger
so I appreciate ingenuity when I see it.)

Road trip to Phoenix yesterday for Dan's software engineering conference. I took my laptop and sat in the corner of an all-you-can-eat buffet and wondered, as I gazed around at the dumpy surroundings and even dumpier people coughing on ladles and sneezing on food whether I'd get food poisoning or swine flu.

So, I finally get to a place where my email works reliably... and then my new phone breaks! AWESOME.


pistachio said...

Hurl the phone into a KFC fryer. That'll learn it.

geekhiker said...

Ah, technology...

kimmers said...

MAN what a day. I think by the time the phone broke I would've crawled under the covers and called it a day!!

LOVE the kitchen. That doesn't look stressful at ALL.

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