Friday, June 12, 2009

This actually happened to me.

Is this common or something? My girlfriend Mary and I were at Great Adventure in NJ when we tried to buy pretzels some years ago. The conversation went like this:
sullen cashier (avoiding eye contact): Can I help you.

us: Yes, we'd like to buy a pretzel!

sullen cashier: I'm sorry, we're all out.

us (gazing longingly at full case): You're out?

sullen cashier: yup.

us: Um, what are these, then? (pointing to pretzels.)

sullen cashier (looking surprised for a moment): Um. Those are just for display.

us: You can't serve these?

sullen cashier: no.

us: Are they bad or something?

sullen cashier: no, they're fresh. They were made not that long ago.

us: Are you saving them for someone else?

sullen cashier: Uh, no. They are just for display.

us: Are you closing early or something?

sullen cashier: no.

us: Will you have some available soon?

sullen cashier: no.

us: Isn't it misleading if you are displaying something no one can buy?

sullen cashier:
That was it. Pretzels were just not to be had there.

I always thought this was a singularly-bizarre experience until I saw the FAIL photo. Maybe it's more common then I thought?


talkingtostones said...

Too funny. I've had the same experience, except that the guy wouldn't give as much of an explanation as you got. I've always wondered what was going on with it. However, I pulled the small, starving child next to me trump card and made the guy give us one of the pretzels -- was in an airport, we'd been waiting on a delayed flight for hours, it was very late, no other food, and the guy was there NOT selling pretzels. I have to admit I got a bit peeved and was maybe a bit rough on him until he gave in. Perhaps there's some pretzel rule we don't know about.

pistachio said...

I once went to a movie theater and asked the cashier for lemonade and he said, "We only have pink lemonade>"

I was like "so?"

I am confortable enough in my own sexuality to drink pink lemonade!

geekhiker said...

Just remember, as George Carlin said, retail clerks are a "special breed"...

(Word verification: "dooti"!)

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