Friday, July 24, 2009

back from Colorado: Stephie & her little girl

Setting sun on the drive to
Stephanie's from Boulder, CO.

I'm too exhausted to post the full details of yesterday's travels but they included very little sleep, a flight, an hours-long shuttle ride, 90 minutes with Verizon's cell customer service during the only downtime I had scheduled all day, and a visit with out-of-town guests late last night. When bedtime finally came, I crashed hard.

But the visit! I was in Colorado to see my girlfriend Stephanie and her little 9-month old girl. Here are some pix:
Stephie & Kailey

Kailey's such a happy little girl.

The flowers in Colorado are beautiful! Here's one in Nederland.

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Tom said...

I love that photo of the flower! Wish I could shoot some more stuff around here like that. Makes me wish I had that macro lens, darnit!

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