Sunday, July 26, 2009

Book giveaway: Alternadad by Neal Pollack

In my efforts to not over-accumulate stuff in this temporary apartment, I'm giving away a recently-read and much-enjoyed book: Alternadad, by Neal Pollack (in hardcover). It's a funny read for parents or those-to-be. Here's a review from Amazon:
I read. A lot. I own no television. I have 3 boys, and we all read every night. That's what we do. I love books, and I love reading. I am not a sucker for the first book to come along. I read constantly. The house is littered with books. I do not finish all of them. Some people channel surf; I book surf. But if i like a book, I will read it through. And Alternadad grabbed me , shook me by the scruff, and tickled me. That sounds pretty dumb, and yet, there you have it. This is a good book, even from the perspective of a book junkie. I really liked Alternadad. I was reading it in bed, and laughing gently, but then my wife came in and I started to laugh boisterously, obnoxiously, uncontrollably, vibratorily. She assumed I was laughing hard to annoy her. It was untrue, the book just suddenly got funny. She kicked me out of the room. And it's not just funny. It's also kind of profound here and there. and it's very true. and reeks of honesty and the real underlying beauty of family life. I'm a dad, and this book, well, should be required reading for dads. This book is in general a good book for people who have or may reproduce. And those who love them. In fact, if they ever do get around to licensing people to have kids, the required reading list should include ALTERNADAD. I'm going to shoot off an email to my congressman right now suggesting this. good father's day gift while the legislation is pending. --RLC
So anyway, want it? Shoot me an email: -- include:

1. In the title, write "Alternadad!"
2. Include your mailing address
3. Your favorite midnight snack

The winner will be picked at random and announced in a few days, including a link back to their blog and desired bedtime grub for all the interwebs to see. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: it's not in regift condition. It looks great but I dog-eared some of the pages and wrote "Ha!" in pencil next to some of the paragraphs I loved. But it's free, y'all! So enjoy. :)

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