Sunday, July 5, 2009

facebook rant

Joshlos and Hautepocket ranted about Facebook recently and now I'm piping in.

A bunch of people recently found me on Facebook but I rejected their requests because I didn't remember them. I made a funny comment about this but one new friend wrote, "Well I don't remember you but your name sounded familiar." I was all, "well, why did you friend me then?" But I didn't say it. She was sweet in high school so whatever. And also, I friended some peeps that may not have remembered me so I'm guilty of this too.

But it got me thinking. Here are my rules/requests for Facebook:

1. Please do not friend me if you don't know me. Don't use me just to beef up your friend list. Only friend me if you actually like me.

2. If you've ever tried to kick my ass, we probably were not great friends. If you fall under this category and I accepted your friend request anyway, it's only because I want to see what kind of trailer you're living in now. (Special exception: if you apologized for trying to kick my ass and we can now laugh about it.)

Note: Finding me on the internet only to call me a dork does NOT make us friends.

3. Enough with the quizzes! I don't care what kind of vampire you'd be, which insomniac lizard you'd make or what your chinese astrology profile was for one of your past lives. Quizzes are stupid*. Well maybe they're fun to fill out and even sometimes read -- I'm not a complete facebook quiz/game nazi -- but moderation is key, folks! (*exception: if I'm crazy about you, because then I love reading it all.)

-->Facebook request: can't you let me pick what kinds of info I want to receive??

4. Don't post every 7 minutes. Y'all are drowning out other peeps. I don't have time to login every day or scroll through several pages to read updates.

-->Facebook, can't you bring back the "see more/less about this person" feature??

5. Current friend management sucks. I actually got so overwhelmed by my news feed that I went online and researched how to manage it, which makes me a super double ultra nerd.

Anyway, I found strategies in a discussion forum (this is actually a hot topic -- I'm not the only dweeb trying to do this) and someone wrote that they create 3 lists: "we're friends," "we're friendly," and "we're acquaintances." You can customize who sees what.

So I started to do this. I got 3 people deep into my list before I tossed the whole idea. I'll just have to outsource this to my database manager, it's not worth the time.

6. Please don't be boring.

What's boring? Here's boring:
"They lost the game in 14 innings! Visitors scored 4 runs in the top of the 14th."
Why is this boring? Well, I hate sports. But really it's because I want to hear about YOU.

The actual update I borrowed this from wasn't so bad because it did actually include what they were doing, but I needed a good example for my blog so I edited it. (Sorry, friend, to throw you under the bus, but my blog stats are at stake!)

Yes, I am demanding with my Facebook rules, all of which I have violated myself sometime or another. But if we're friends, you already know this and like me anyway. :)


talkingtostones said...

I am soo in accord with your rant! Of the many things FB changed with the new, unpleasant format, was that they removed most of the personal selection and editing controls we had in our accounts. So, now we have to wade through all sorts of junk to find what we're actually there for. I use FB much less since they did that.

You can 'hide' posts from particular people, though, so if you have someone who's always doing quizzes and such, you can hide that person's posts. You already know my solution to non-friends who friend me, though I am happy to say that no one who disliked me has tried. :>

Michael Berman said...

I got a friend request from someone 1) using a fake name 2) using a picture of a penguin as her "face" 3) and not so much a friend anyway. Why do I have the feeling there's nothing in this for me?

hautepocket said...

"If you fall under this category and I accepted your friend request anyway, it's only because I want to see what kind of trailer you're living in now."

HAH. Facebook can sure be good for the self esteem now and again, no?

geekhiker said...

Ah, the love-hate relationship everyone has with FB continues...

kimmers said...

This makes me want to write as fb rant. I feel like fb was fantastic when it first started, but now they've tried so hard to do way too much with it, and it's getting decidely myspace-y.

I'm also not so secretly bitter because I got locked out of my original fb account when my UCONN email ended, and in spite of MANY MANY emails sent to fb asking for help, I got totally ignored and finally had to start a new account. Thus losing about a million fb friends and also the street cred of having one of the "original" fb accounts. Grrr.

And my latest pet peeve is HOLY COW WHY IS IT SO HARD TO LINK MY BLOG TO MY FB PAGE?! Seriously. I spend all this time debating the wisdom of this decision, finally decide to take the plunge, and then the whole damn process is too freaking hard for me. (for shame) I finally had to resort to the "tell your friends to verify your blog" option... and now no one is verifying me! Jesus Christ people!

Haha. I'm totally friending you now. And then immediately making my status something like, "eating a grilled cheese sandwich. Yum."


joshlos said...

Yes! Agreed!

(I'm finally getting around to catching up on things. Please forgive my lack of blog etiquette.)

And I do miss being able to prioritize the updates hitting my feed.

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