Friday, July 17, 2009

Interview with Quinn Cummings

I started reading The QC Report (Quinn Cumming's blog) last year when I adopted Sita, the kitten who turned my dog into a spastic predatory monster (see illustration of frequent impulses at left). A friend laughed at my trials and emailed me Quinn's latest post about her own new kitten. Here's an excerpt from that epic post describing her cat's reaction to the new foster kitty:
"Lulabelle, the cat, has taken the attitude of “That thing which is very ratlike and is shouting is not in my house. Because if it were in my house, I would have to deal with it, which would probably mean eating it, and I think you would get irrationally emotional about it. So, I’m going to ignore on a world-class level. If I have the misfortune to see her, I will indicate my displeasure by gurgling in rage for a few minutes and then vomiting."

I fell in love with Quinn's writing then and did a dance last week when her book, Notes from the Underwire, came out. She's now doing a blog tour and graciously agreed to answer my myriad questions about her writing, creativity, and crockpot. (Ok, so she volunteered the crockpot bit but I won't tell anyone you never use yours either if you keep that a secret.)

Read on: My interview with Quinn Cummings, author of Notes from the Underwire -->


talkingtostones said...

I love her blog, too!! Have been looking forward to the book, and now looking forward to your interview (in a couple of seconds). How fun. :>

Tom said...

You asked so many good questions! I think I read the word "question" on her blog and figured I should only ask one, which, if you count the toast question, was over the limit by double, but the toast one wasn't too hard, so I snuck it in.

I'm glad you asked about how many hours she spent writing. I didn't think to ask that, and I've recently wondered about how my blog would sound if I wrote it using more than an hour's free time and a single draft. I'm lucky it's even legible. I'm luckier that anyone has ever read it and that I haven't actually lost friends over it.

Great job on your interview!

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