Friday, July 3, 2009

Scenes around Flagstaff, Arizona

A short post for a long holiday weekend: scenes around Flagstaff.

Someone cruised over to the supermarket
and left their pet goat in the car waiting.

Yes, I said GOAT.

This place is lousy with hikers. Here's a guy
who looks like he has his entire dorm room
on his back. And he makes it look effortless!

From one of Lowell Observatory's historical telescopes. The punching mitt is about forehead height. I have to think it wasn't there in 1896 when the rest of the structure was erected but hey, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...!
This last one is from when we were apartment shopping. Look past the wall. Do you see the slightest hint of a white porcelain structure peeking through? It's hard to see in this photo, but where I am standing in the doorway is about where a bed would be. But there is NO DOOR. No door to the closet and no door to the bathroom right next to it.

I noticed this immediately in the model and asked, "so, the *actual* apartment would have a door here, right?" (motioning at the frame). The saleslady followed my gesture from the bed to the toilet. "Um, no, actually, there is not."

Well, that's a giant FAIL. Just because you can't see my arse on the john doesn't mean that's good enough. Knees need privacy too. (Not to mention the problem of additional sensory violations.) Wow. So you can imagine this apartment was a NO.

Enjoy your 4th, may you have access to plenty of great facilities, and maybe even see a goat!


Daniel said...

I never noticed it before, but the hiker's load looks like it has a body rolled up in it.

spleen said...

Actually, it looks like he's got santa claus rolled up in there.

Michael Berman said...

You are assuming the goat is a pet. Maybe it's dinner...

talkingtostones said...

It looks like the hiker's got all of his stuff tied on outside his pack. Maybe his folks never taught him about folding....

Maybe the goat keeps the grass under control.

Don't you know -- the apartment design is the latest, most efficient model in living? You roll right out of bed, into your clothes, and to the john without having to deal with obstacles like doors. Free flow of chi, and everything! :>

geekhiker said...

Geez, that pack has to be 70 lbs at least! Looks like packs I see on beginner backpackers. Or, well, my first backpack too. :)

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