Tuesday, August 4, 2009

hike in the Coconino National Forest, Flagstaff (pix)

Even though I had corks stuffed up my nose this weekend, we still managed to get out and about. Here we're exploring the Coconino National Forest. (I know, I know -- wasn't that hot? Blame the sexy image unwillingly seared onto your brain by the delirium brought on from my sinus infection.)

Fire in the distance

A fire had just started. Fire's an ever-present danger in dry Arizona (and Northern Arizona, where I am -- Flagstaff -- is actually much better than the rest of the state).

Dan snaps a photo of the smoke.

Fire also visible at the Grand Canyon.

You can actually see fires at the Grand Canyon in the distance (about 70-80 miles away) -- one at the North Rim and one at the South Rim (separated by about 13 miles).

Lightning strike scars a tree.

The Coconino National Forest in & surrounding Flagstaff, Arizona is one of the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forests in North America. Lightning scarred trees line the landscape. If there's any doubt as to whether lightning strikes or how often, just wander into the mountains and just look around -- trees like this abound. (Watch the forecast AND the sky though! You don't want to see it firsthand!)

Macro shot of a downed tree.

I love the symmetrical lines of wood.

Me photographing pretty yellow flowers.

The fruits of my labor!

Another bud reaches up for the sun.

Flagstaff is lousy with these gorgeous yellow flowers. They're all over the place -- in the woods, on the side of the road, everywhere.

Leaning against a burnt trunk stump, the casualty of another fire.

Dan next to the impressive root system of a downed pine.

And the sun sets.


geekhiker said...

That's interesting: your shot of the lightning-struck tree has the burn going straight down. All of the struck trees I see & photograph here tend to corkscrew (to varying degrees) around the tree. I wonder what makes the difference?

Andy said...

I really enjoyed the photos, as someone who is just getting into photography.

Glad you didn't catch on fire in the process, too.

Tom said...

Your flower shots are very nice. I'm jealous. Makes me want a macro lens.

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