Saturday, August 15, 2009

I took my spleen to Wupatki

Dan at Wupatki National Monument

Today we visited Wupatki, an ancient Indian pueblo about 800-900 years old. If you're going to the Grand Canyon, stop by. This is right on the loop with Sunset Crater. Wupatki is a modern Hopi word for "big house." (So, you kickin' back in your wupatki??)

Dan photographing the pueblo ruins.
About 300 people were thought to live at Wupatki.

A sunflower hangs its head at the end of its blooming season.

Isn't it amazing to imagine how many spleens lived here so long ago? It's thought that the people left when a volcano (now Sunset Crater) erupted 900 years ago. I looked at the lava fields and tried to imagine what that must have been like. And now, cozily tucked into bed posting these photos, I'm very grateful for a warm house and no need to evacuate suddenly into the night.


Balancing Good & Evil Daily said...

Wupatki is very cool. Been quite a while since I've been there. Glad to see your spleen made it home safe!

geekhiker said...

I went there once, many, many years ago. The only problem is I was still shooting on film back then, so I have no pictures to share!

talkingtostones said...

We really enjoyed it when we were there a few years ago. I'll send you some pics, just for fun. :> It really is beautiful -- love the colors of contrasting red rock and pale greenish scrub.

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