Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sedona is for spleens

This past weekend, we also went to Sedona to see the beautiful red rock formations. The city is named after the postmaster's wife, Sedona Schnebly, population around 12,000.
Sedona, AZ at the golden hour (sunset) --
look how the rocks come alive!

But even when the rocks are dull, they're beautiful.
Here, monsoon clouds peak over this sandstone formation.

A tree branch arches off.

Another rock formation stark against the bruised sky.

The Devil's Bridge, a great trail in Sedona.

I saw this yesterday -- the Taylor fire, about 10,000 acres have burned and about 110 people are fighting to put it out. Forest officials are not yet sure what caused it.
A helicopter drops water onto the Taylor fire from a reservoir in Sedona. More information on the Taylor Fire at the Coconino National Forest website -->
These photos were from two separate days in Sedona -- this past Sunday and, the cloudy photos, about a month ago. More tree photos from Sedona -->


Niffer said...

I think Sedona is for Niffers too.

Steve said...

Beautiful shot with the silhouetted tree!

I went to Devil's Bridge too, a couple weekends ago.

Yay! No smoke this morning! :-)

Soda and Candy said...

I loved Arizona. These photos are fantastic, they capture exactly what I liked about it!!!

geekhiker said...

I wanna go! I wanna go! (Well, maybe after the fires have gone away... ;) )

Linda said...

these are BEEAUUUUUTEEEEEFULLLLL pictures! I think Sedona is for Fiddleheads, too! :-)

ikss / Karen said...

lovely photos! I love Sedona...and I am digging your blog. :) I shall be back.

ikss / Karen said...

well, I meant to say these are lovely photos, even though it is sad to see the fires...

Leslie Parsley said...

Saw your question on ShareThis and, intrigued by your title, decided to take a look. I like your blog. I used to live in AZ and miss it so much. Great photos.

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