Friday, November 20, 2009

Funny Friday (you know you need it, especially this week)

This must be one of the most soul-sucking weeks I've had in a long time. (Then again, I say that every week.) What makes this so? Three words: lack of sleep. I just read today that getting little sleep causes weight gain, so in addition to being crabby, I'll be fat too. Just wonderful.

I've also been having computer issues. So I bring you something funny for Friday in case your week's been as bad as mine: error messages you can make yourself!

Play a trick on someone or just have some fun. Here are my favorites from the computer error message archive:

Make your own error message now -->

Happy Friday!


Surfie said...

Haha! At least your week is over now. Hopefully you can get some sleep this weekend.

carissajaded said...

LOL I love these!! So gonna have a little fun tonight with the roomies.. Hope you got some sleep this weekend!

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