Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ho! sold?? And new photo blog

Wow! My first photo, which appeared in the first online Twitter art auction by 140 Hours, has sold today. I'm thrilled!

I just launched a photo blog to show all the photos I've taken on the crosscountry trip and more. I'm pairing the photos with my favorite quotes:

There are only 3 photos up now but I plan to update it at least 2x a week with a photo and a quote.

Be back next week as I get back online (will spend the rest of this week on the photo project AND rebuilding my computer after the buggy Blackberry Desktop Manager destroyed it). See you soon & have a good week!


Surfie said...

Woo! Congratulations! It was a beautiful photo, and I loved the watercolor effect you applied.

Soda and Candy said...

Yay! I'll go check out your photo blog now!

Kier said...

Guess all that work explains why you didn't make it out to the DC Bloggers Meetup. Well, that and the "lovely" weather that kept a lot of people away.

Congrats on the productivity! May it continue for a while. :)

carissajaded said...

I looked at your photoblog when you posted it to twitter. Beautiful beautiful work! Congrats on your new achievements!

Kelly O said...

That's awesome, congrats!!

geekhiker said...

Congratulations! You're bona-fide now! :)

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