Thursday, November 5, 2009

we interrupt this broadcast for 140 hours...

Today's regular TMI Thursday is on hold for the first online eva(!) art auction: Voted by Mashable for the Open Web Awards, 140 Hours is doing something never before done in the art world: offering bidding online via Twitter.

So I entered this piece, a dreamy digital watercolor of my mom's African Violets:

These violets sit in my windowsill. It's a little triumph that they're blooming because the last ones I had (also a gift), I killed. (Is that enough TMI to qualify for TMI Thursday? lol)

So when my mom gave these to me, I was a little terrified because, while not quite like killing a gifted puppy, I still don't like murdering my plants with my black thumb. I was so thrilled they did NOT die that I took a picture to show my mom. Then I turned it into a digital watercolor because I just love the colors.

I printed it on canvas, it's huge and looks like a painting.

Wish me luck in the art auction! And if you would like a version for your desktop wallpaper, feel free to save!
The auction starts today and ends Nov. 11. See you then!


carissajaded said...

Good luck on the contest! The picture is beautiful and I'm sure you'll do fabulous!

lacochran said...

Gorgeous! Good luck!

spleeness said...

That's so sweet, thank you!!

Andy said...

Fortunately, you have a green thumb for photography, unlike what you evidently lack in horticulture. Awesome photo.

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