Saturday, December 26, 2009

the aftermath

So you remember the pix of household wreckage I shared? And how I had only one day to overhaul the entire house? Well, we rocked it. But only at the very last possible second!

5pm Christmas day, I stood, wild-haired, in front of the washer feeding copious amounts of bedding into its yawning mouth, wondering, "WHEN is my dad going to call?"

I'd asked him to call me when he crossed over the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Only I didn't say it like that. I said, "Call me when you get over the bridge so I have enough time to start dinner."

At dinnertime, the lightbulb went off. Oh no. Maybe he's *not* heading down I95? Maybe he thinks I meant the Chesapeake Bay Bridge? Which means the two-hour lead time I'd requested would effectively be whittled down a third.

I texted him. "Are you taking 95? Or eastern shore?"

He immediately called. "Yeah, we're going down the eastern shore. We're almost at the Bay Bridge!"

I choked. Guests would be arriving in a little over half an hour and here I was unshowered, the house wasn't done and parts of dinner were still frozen.

I thundered up the steps. "He's almost at the Bay Bridge!" I yelled and hurled myself into the shower while husband began frantically throwing potatoes in the oven.

Inevitably they arrived too early. So we just cooked while they were here.

I'm a crappy hostess. I cannot effectively hold a conversation while stirring a pot. But they love me anyway, even when I am crazed. Now I am recovering from the frenzy! (Note to self: next time I'm expecting to host Christmas dinner and sleepover guests, maybe don't take on enormous task of painting room. Just make the damn bed!)

Here are some before & after pix, since some of you asked. A good "before" one of the wreck that I called a bedroom:


before & after

office before / after

Another view of the office, after. Ok, so we don't have the fanciest furniture. But it works!


kevin forgot said...

great job ;-) i knew you could do it!

Rebecca said...

It all looks lovely, warm and welcoming. Absolutely a great job, hope you all had a great time.

Surfie said...

When my family has a get-together the person hosting does most of the cooking usually, but everyone else also helps by bringing something. For instance, I baked a ham and a blackberry cobbler for this year's Christmas. And the guests help clean up too! Everyone usually arrives a few hours before "eating time" to help cook and visit before everyone eats. And of course to ask "When is it going to be ready?", "Can we eat yet?", and exclaim "I"m starving!" :)

Soda and Candy said...

I'm, impressed! Well done you!

geekhiker said...

I am suitably impressed! Would you be willing to come over and do some cleaning at my place? P-p-p-p-lease?

In my family, cooking is always done after the guests arrive. Mom simply puts everyone to work in the kitchen!

lacochran said...

It's like one of those makeover shows! Most impressive! And, I, too, am a crappy hostess. Embrace it. :)

Andy said...

Hey, it looks like you still pulled it off. I kind of imagine "Home Alone" music going off (the really excited part dashing through the airport) as you got ready.

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