Saturday, December 19, 2009

hammered by snow!

DC is getting hit with the worst snowstorm in years. It started snowing around 9 last night. By 6pm there were 16 inches and the storm is only HALF over. It's supposed to stop around 6am tomorrow.

I would just like to ask the universe... couldn't you have done this just a wee bit earlier? Like on a weekday?

But I love snow. (Driving in it and shoveling not so much.)

View from the street

Taking the dog out for a walk. You can't see his legs, they're buried!

Snow dog ready to catch a snowball.

Tycho and Dan horsing around in the street.

Tycho's prize! He loves to carry around snowballs.

I started shoveling off my car (YES, I said shoveling... it was too deep for anything else) when I thought wow, I need to see exactly how much is piled on it. I ran inside for a measuring tape: 16 inches!!

Another view from the street (somewhat obscured by the big thick flakes caught by the flash).

1 minute video of Tycho plunging into the snow depths!


Surfie said...

Great Googamooga! That's an awful lot of snow. WOW. I hope you don't have to drive around in that. I've never had real snow. If it ever does snow around here (and we consider sleet snow too since it's often as close as we can get here in SC) it rarely sticks and even then we're lucky to get more than an inch. I guess you'll be having a white Christmas!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

It's pretty crazy, right?! So glad I don't have a car - but also feeling pretty stranded now that NO public transportation is working!

I LOVE SNOW. :) Glad to find others who do, too.

Carol said...

It's so fun to play in the snow but the shoveling blows big time!!

It's perfect weather for your dog, though!

Soda and Candy said...

snOMG!!! hahahahaha

Also, your dog is perfectly suited for snow!!! I love the carrying a snowball pic.

joshlos said...

Holy crap. Just looking at that leaves me unsettled, knowing I'm likely to get slammed like that at some point this winter. And those pictures, especially the one of the car, remind me of digging out of last winter's snow. Not cool. Not cool at all.

carissajaded said...

That's just beautiful! I am so insanely jealous of yalls storm. I will never ever get to see a site like that in Texas...

geekhiker said...

Oh, man I SO need a dog!!!!

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