Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let's talk about food, bay-bay

More food photos.

We had our office holiday party yesterday and I found myself once again hulking over the shrimp. And dip. Dip is something I never allow myself to eat in real life* (obviously at parties I am in my fake life) but will eat gobs of if no one stops me.

I am like this with eazy-cheeze too, (sp?) that cheese-colored viscous fluid in a whipped-cream-style can. Last time I ate it may have been high school but wow. It makes every salt & fat screaming neuron of mine fire on sight.

To stop myself from overeating, I ran around taking pictures of the food:

Veggie tray (with "palette knife" Photoshop filter applied)

I just learned veggie trays are also called "crudites" (and not pronounced "crude" "ites" as in rhyming with "mites" but the more elegant French "croo deh tahys"). I am very high class now. (Having rejected all attempts at socialization with the elaborate knives and utensils associated with sophisticated place settings, it makes perfect sense that I, a full-grown woman, am only now learning how to eat in public. If you are six and happen to be reading this, pay attention to your parents. Especially in boring fancy restaurants. You will be glad many decades later.)

pumpkin loaf (palette knife filter also applied)
(hey, I was having fun)

Gum drops. What good is a holiday party if it doesn't give you cavities?

Fruit! (Palette knife filter applied)

Deviled eggs.

What are your food weaknesses? Do your knees get weak at the sight of certain dishes or treats?


Surfie said...

Wow, that food all looks yummy! You take such beautiful pictures. I have sucky photog skills, but I'm trying. :)

I'd have been all over that pumpkin roll and the fruit tray. And I'd have probably eaten half of that dip with those carrots, too.

Soda and Candy said...

Ooh those deviled eggs are fancy with their swirly filling! Nice food photos (and a great nibbling-distraction technique)!!!

I could eat a whole tub of smoked salmon dip with rice crackers, but I never buy it at home!

I die for shrimp (as discussed in your previous post) ... pretty much any meat as long as it is not spicy or an organ or a gross part like feet, brains or tongue.

I also have an uncontrollable addiction to caffeinated soda.

geekhiker said...

Corn dogs are my weakness. I love 'em. A perfectly cooked one, where the oil temperature is just right so it's not greasy, perfectly browned on the outside and steamed on the inside, with enough crunchy batter on the stick... *drool*

carissajaded said...

Beautiful pics!!! You make it look delicious...

That pumpkin loaf especially...

I go crazy over any kind of cheese.. and I mean go crazy. I try to just stay away from the food table.

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