Friday, December 18, 2009

Philanthropy Friday: today featuring the Center for History of Physics

The sun, shown in the invisible infrared light emitted by hydrogen.
(From the History of Early Cosmology web exhibit)

I've been toying with the idea of using Fridays to feature a good nonprofit. But my reason for doing this is less of a "donate money!!" take (because everyone needs money and there are so many worthy organizations out there) and more of a "here's what they offer" and "what you can do to help (even if you are broke like me)."

Today's Philanthropy Friday star:

The Center for the History of Physics (part of the American Institute of Physics).

What they do:

An organization dedicated to the history of physics! On their website, you can:

That's just a glimpse of what they offer!

How you can help:

Want to join Philanthropy Friday? Feature a nonprofit on your blog on a Friday (doesn't have to be every Friday -- it can be once a month, say). Together we can raise awareness for great organizations in a noncommercial way. Try to include info on how your readers can help with commodities other than money, like feedback, donation of goods or services, volunteer time, etc. -- concrete things people can do to support your cause. Have a great weekend!

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Surfie said...

Wow, that's really interesting! Philanthropy Friday sounds like a good idea. I was planning on starting a Fantasy Friday on my blog today - looks like we were thinking along similar lines! Except yours is intellectual and mine is just silly. Oh well! Balance is important. :)

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