Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where can I get a good salt lick? (on food and random photos)

I read somewhere that when you get older, your taste buds get duller and you start to crave more intense flavors.

Maybe that explains why I've been devouring hot & sour soup and running low on my salt lick.

Or why I need to make such rich chocolate milk:
Making a chocolate milk treat in my cubicle at work

What?? I'm just following directions. The label says "heaping tablespoon" -- anything less would be blasphemous!

So, speaking of food, do you live in Maryland? I had the most amazing seafood stew at Rustico in Stevensville (across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge).

Seafood stew at Rustico, an awesome
Zagat-rated Italian restaurant & wine bar.
(Stevensville, MD)

It's worth the drive.

Before the stew, I nearly had an out-of-body experience when I tasted their bruschetta. (Yes, I just discovered bruschetta. Never had it before.) I thought I loved salsa but when you meet your soul food mate, you know it in your bones. (Or maybe I should say buds.)

Bruschetta is like salsa except not spicy -- no jalapenos. And basil instead of cilantro. I ate it straight with a spoon. Bread only dilutes it. It was so damn good that on the way home, I picked up half a pound of tomatoes and made a huge batch immediately upon walking in the door.

me outside Rustico (a couple weeks ago).

Some other random photos:

I spent this past Saturday night hulking over a fancy crystal bowl of marinated shrimp hoping no one noticed that I ate about 7 pounds worth.

S threw an amazing party and prepared all the food herself
(including said addictive shrimp) (Oh! And rum balls!)

Her kitty approved!

What's your favorite food or treat? Is it different this time of year than usual? Most importantly, what do you think of FRUITCAKE??


BigSis said...

About once a month I'm craving a salt lick! Hot and sour soup is welcome any time of the month though!

Surfie said...

If you want a REALLY special chocolate treat and you like dark chocolate, do what I do. I buy Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensation cocoa mix, and I add to that a heaping teaspoon full of Hershey's Special Dark baking powder (unsweetened). Make this cocoa with hot water, not milk, or you will dilute the chocolate goodness, and that's just criminal.

Surfie said...

And by "baking powder" I mean the unsweetened cocoa powder that you use for baking. Not the white baking powder like Calumet. Gross!

lacochran said...

I'm a big fan of shrimp, too. I've been known to monopolize the shrimp at parties myself. So, if we ever meet up at a party, we'll have to work out some sort of down the middle shrimp border. Though I might pull a few off your plate when you're looking the other way.

Fruitcake? Not a huge fan of the Claxton but I've had some home-made versions that I like a lot.

Soda and Candy said...

I think I agree with everything in this post!

I totally endorse the heaping tablespoon, I am hideously jealous of you eating that seafood stew, and I totally hover about the shrimp at any given party.

Plus,I like bruschetta (but not if they make it with raw purple onion in it). I once had a version in a French restaurant where they did a version with sliced tomato on baguettes with melted brie on top. Absolute heaven.

geekhiker said...

I don't see anything wrong with that hot chocolate. Of course, when I camp, I always use two packets in my mug, sooooooo... :)

spleeness said...

haha, we're all on the same page. Or should I say the same shrimp bowl/chocolate mug?

I'm totally trying the turbo version of that hot chocolate, thanks!!

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