Sunday, January 31, 2010

Item NOT as advertised.

Look at the picture of the pizza on the box. Just look at it. See how it's loaded with toppings -- green peppers, pepperoni, sausage and all kinds of goodies. Now look at what came OUT of said box. ONE piece of pepperoni, halved. And 3 molecules of green pepper plant matter. Supreme french bread pizza, eh??

I'm just sayin'.


P said...

Looks like there's loads of cheese though!

But yeah, store bought pizza NEVER seems to look like what's on the box. Sooo annoying!

Rebecca said...

That's beyond outrageous. One piece of pepperoni is totally beyond the pale. I bet you anything, if you forward that post to them by e-mail or something, they'd send you a coupon for a free one.

And, believe me, I get how convenient it is to pull something out of the freezer when you're hungry and don't feel like putting any effort into feeding fact, I'm going down to grab a couple handfuls of nuts as soon as I finish this comment, because I don't feel like doing any more than that. But I did want to point out that this particular meal is one of the easiest to make. And it's sooooo very much better than the store bought. You can - and, imo, should - make a few at a time and freeze them, too.

A jar of pizza sauce, a pack of pepperoni, big bag of generic mozzarella and one big French bread cut into 4 pieces. Make 4, cook one and freeze the rest. Mmmmm.

Oh yeah, a green pepper. I don't put that on mine. I like them, just not with pepperoni. Still, one pepper should be more than enough for 4 pieces.

Hope you give it a shot, it really is worth it. Makes the other taste like cardboard. But, in any case, complain to the company. They often respond to complaints like that with free stuff.

geekhiker said...

Wait, you mean there's no such thing as truth in advertising? I think I'm gonna need a minute here... ;)

Kidding aside, I sometimes make those pizzas where you buy the pre-made crust & sauce and put on whatever toppings you like. You can't see the cheese under the layer of pepperoni... :D

Sornie said...

See, lacking all the stuff is what makes it such a Healthy Choice.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Supremely disappointing is more like it...

lacochran said...

Why not send a link to this post to Healthy Choice? Maybe they'll try to make it up to you.

Because, that? Pretty shabby misrepresentation, right there.

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