Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my nephew's beginning photo skilz

My nephew Michael, whose spleen is almost 13 years old, just posted this photo of me holding a gob of doghair from our freshly-brushed samoyed mix. Proving that our family is really just a bunch of animals, he toyed with the photo and added a nice frame and some other elements. It's so cute!

I love that kid like he's my own. I love all my sister's kids like this, what a great bunch!

Michael's in the front. This is only 3 of the 4 great kids (I say kids but they're not really, not anymore).
Michael with a magician at my dad's birthday party.
You can see the "um...?" question on his face!


carissajaded said...

First of all, it is adorable in it's self that your nephew keeps a blog!!! And he's a cutie too!!!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Love that he calls you his "Aunt Spleeness." Cutest.

geekhiker said...

I had no idea you had such big ears!

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