Friday, February 5, 2010

snOMG (AKA, been looking for an excuse to go foodshopping in PJs)

Yes, I went to the store. Like this. Been waiting my whole life for a good excuse to go foodshopping in pajamas and this "historic, crippling s'noreaster" did it. Totals keep adjusting from 18-30 inches. We shall see. I'll keep you posted.

View of teh whiteout from inside. More impressive photos await for the morning. I cancelled a trip to NYC, was originally taking the bus but will wait the storm out at home instead.

If you're home for snOMG, what are you doing today? Do you like snow?


Mirella said...

OMG, where you at Giant at around 9:30 on Thursday morning?
I saw someone wearing the same PJ's with a hat on her head.
I am gonna keep my opinion to myself...
But as much as I hate PJ's people....I think you are cute!
Stay warm in your Pjs, (I hope you are not still wearing the same Pjs since Thursday)

Surfie said...

No snow here in SC, but it did rain pretty heavily today. I've yet to go grocery shopping in my PJs, but for some reason, living at the beach makes people do that a lot. And also go grocery shopping in their bathing suits with little to no cover-up.

spleeness said...

Oh Mirella, you're kidding! I was in a Safeway in Bowie, MD. I *was* actually wearing a hat but it was around lunchtime. This is hilarious! Imagine if the other PJ girl and I ran into eachother in the same store. That's a blog post waiting to happen.

Surfie, did you get hit last weekend? I heard the South got it pretty bad.

I've seen people in bathing suits in the 'market!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Cute PJs! Love me some snow.

Mirella said...

LOL LOL, it is so funny! she had the same pjs, she had long hair too, and she was as cute as you!
What kind of pj's are they? I should got myself some:) They must be in fashion, LOL LOL.
Thank you for following me on Twitter. I am gonna go now and follow you. Thanks!

spleeness said...

The PJs are really common - in Target, but I was just looking for the link (I bought them not that long ago) and seems like they're out of season.

They're "xhilaration microfleece sleep pant" - most comfortable pants ever, only $16.

Here's a link, but they're all out online. You might be able to get them locally in a Target though (not that we'll be venturing out in the snOMG!). :)

spleeness said...

ps. I'm still laughing at the coincidence. What are the chances??

cfoxes said...

We were suppose to get 8, now the totals have gone down to 6. The temp will not go below 33 degrees yet. Bummer for us.

Artemis Cooks said...

It's Saturday in NW AA Cty MD and we're buried under 2-plus feet of snow!!! Can't walk it's up to mid-thigh... this is scary, the most snow I've ever seen, and I lived in Michigan most of my life!!

Mirella McCracken said...

THank for the Target link. LOL LOL.
I wrote something about you on my blog, just now:)

linda said...

Hey Holly!

Great post! You had a dream to walk around in your PJs? Well, you should move here! People don't care what they wear or how they wear it here! I go to the post office to get my mail in my PJs all the time. Granted there's only 900 people in town!

can't wait to see the photos from snOMG! We haven't had snow here in VT in a while! Little flurries here and there but that's been about it.

geekhiker said...

We don't get snow days. L.A. sucks. ;)

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