Saturday, February 6, 2010

The snowpocalypse II hits!

Snowmaggedon! snOMG! DC was hit by the biggest blizzard it's ever seen and it's awesome. (Well, because the roof hasn't collapsed and we still have heat.) There are reports of at least 3 roof collapses in the area (one at a Dulles Airport hanger for private planes, one at a church downtown and another at a house). <-- how much would that suck?

As of 7am this morning, we had 23 inches in our lil' Maryland suburb about 13 miles outside DC. I haven't measured the totals yet -- will tomorrow -- but it's staggering. Maybe around 30 inches? Here are some photos taken around dusk, right around when it finally stopped snowing:

Snow is higher than my knees on the front stoop. And that's WITH the overhang.

Dan, waist-deep in snow, attempting to photograph the dog swallowed alive by the white stuff. The huge lump next to the nearly-invisible canine is actually a car.

A better view of the frozen white lumps concealing what used to be vehicles capable of motion.

Tycho up to his chest in snow. This is his unamused "Byatch, please. Now what??!" face.

But once on the street, playtime begins! Here he is ripping down the road with our neighbor's dobie.

Light bands of pink laced the sky at sunset; first time the sky's been clear in (what feels like) a week.

Tycho has some mad dawg skillz. I bet you didn't know he could conjure a snowball by telepathy alone. It's all in the concentration.

By now, I could no longer feel my face, lips, nose, fingers, toes, or spleen. Neither could the dog, I think, because he was actually eager to go back in (which almost never happens). Also, maybe it's time to take the lights down?

Relief! Hot water, and only hot water, warms teh feets.


deva said...

Holy damn - that picture of Dan is NUTS! I'm glad you guys survived the snowpolcalypse. It will be weeks before that white stuff goes away. Be careful driving around - whenever you're able to.

Rebecca said...

What a fabulous dog. Glad all of you got to enjoy the snow at least a little bit, no use getting bogged down by acts of nature that you can't control. Hope it doesn't prove to be too much of a pain in your lives while it's around. Right now, it's just that gorgeous sky. Thanks for the great photos.

manvi@mochatini said...

hey, thanks for stopping by mochatini and introducing me to your blog. wasnt the snow crazy? i could hardly walk back from my neighbors last night. we got more than 2ft for sure. stay warm.

linda said...

great photos! LOVE all of them equally!

lacochran said...

I feel so ripped off. We only got 23 inches in Alexandria. *pout*

:) Enjoy!

Niffer said...

That last picture is just too cute.

June said...

Glad we are not getting that snow!!
The dogs look to be having the most fun.
I find myself sitting on the edge of the tub soaking my feet just to take the chill off.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I LOVE the second and last pics. It's beautiful out... but CRAZY!

geekhiker said...

See, everybody gets jealous of L.A. weather, but look at the downside: there's never a good excuse to have the office closed and go outside and play!

bodeloublogs said...

snow is one of those things that always appears so marvelous when you aren't living it. these photos make me jealous. even though snow is on the way for us in chicago and i HATE snow.

enjoy the winter wonderland, dear friend!

carissajaded said...

Holy crap that is crazy!! A girl from texas just can't comprehend snow like this. It's beautiful though!!

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