Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wear a spider on my chest? Really?

I cannot believe I am voluntarily electing to wear a spider on my chest.

I just bought this:

The spiders? They're real. I know because I met the photographer and he told me all about how he took the photo in Cambodia.

Cambodian spiders?

They're WICKED.

Photographer Jack Whitsitt writes:
"At one of the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, I turned around and found this beast hanging right in front of me. It was huge. Usually, when faced with spiders of this size, I just scream like a little girl. This time, though, the legs just creeped me out so badly I just moaned. Neither my wife nor my friends were near by at the time...ugh. But then the photographer in me took over and I got the shot. Finally, I put it on a tshirt because I figure, if confronting the things that scare him makes Batman stronger, maybe I should try it too. ;)"

(Oh and the original photo is here on Flickr.)

Get your own spider tee --> http://bit.ly/spidertee (just don't wear it around me, k? I can *wear* it because I won't be able to *see* it but if you have it on, we can't hug or anything. Understood?)


Kier said...

I actually like spiders. They eat the more annoying and disgusting bugs (like ants).

As long as they don't sneak up on me, at least.

I can't be held responsible for how squished anything that sneaks up on me gets. :)

Fiona Bianchi said...

There is no way I could wear a T-shirt like that, felt quite freaked out just looking at the picture!

Surfie said...

Yes, but when you are wearing your shirt, every time you glance down you'll think you are being attacked by a giant Cambodian spider! And then you'll shriek bloody murder and what happens if you are in public? Could be embarrassing.

deva said...

Ditto Surfie's comment... I would freak out every time I looked down. Good luck with the shirt! You should also try to hug as many people as possible while wearing it :)

melissa said...

holly. i thought you loved me better than to post something like this. is this revenge for my sunspider posting?

you actually BOUGHT THIS!?!?

alright, i have to say the batman/spider comment is almost compelling... but i don't know it would have the desired impact upon me.

somehow, i will get you for this...

geekhiker said...

Strange, looking at that picture. I thought you looked different... and had longer hair. ;)

I hope my friend Just A Girl doesn't see this post!

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