Thursday, April 29, 2010

Longest, most-irritating link

I cannot believe someone actually thought it was ok to send this as a link (real URL taken out for privacy):

Most email programs truncate long links. Who would spend 5 minutes cutting & pasting this into a browser??

Monday, April 19, 2010

"are my abs ripped enough??"

I cut this little snippet out of an email I just got from a mother of teenage boys. My inner angsty 16-year old has finally been put to rest. THAT'S what boys are thinking about? Their abs?? sigh. Maybe being male is easier, at least in the romance department

One night, my son was sitting at the table with about 9 other friends, (I was making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) and he said, "I hate when I keep having the Superman dream and I am stabbed, or something ."

Suddenly all the other guys were like, "Yeah, I hate that dream!"

So I said, "Guys actually dream that they are Superman?"

They said "TOTALLY"

Then they were saying that girls are so weird. When you're on the phone with them, if there is a second of silence, the girl thinks something is wrong.

So I said, "Well, why does it become silent?"

The guys said, "We just like hearing their voices, so it doesn't matter what they talk about. We just let them ramble about nonsense. When they stop its our cue to continue talking. It does not mean something is wrong, usually we don't hear the words anyway, we are thinking are our abs ripped enough? Are we tall enough? Smart enough? And we are scared to say anything because girls can talk without thinking. We have to think about each word or we will end up saying it wrong, and that takes so much time."
So let me try something new and pontificate on my abs....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

tribute to my friend Karen

I finally got the date for the memorial service and put together a tribute to my friend Karen on my art blog. Read tribute -->

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

google's suggested search is revealing

Just now, while searching for work info, I couldn't help but notice Google's suggested search terms for the word "does":
does he like me
does ups deliver on saturday
does p90x work
doesn't mean anything lyrics
does extenze work
does he love me quiz
does fedex deliver on saturday
does he love me
does the wii play dvds
does rogaine work

Check this out. Out of these 10 suggested search terms, 1/3 wonder "does he like me?" or "does he love me?"

Pretty funny to see what people wonder about.

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