Wednesday, April 14, 2010

tribute to my friend Karen

I finally got the date for the memorial service and put together a tribute to my friend Karen on my art blog. Read tribute -->


mirellamccracken said...

Hey sweetie, the comment to your tribute post is not working! I know you must be askign yourself how I left this, it is from your Spleeness website. But if I click from Wavian it deosn't work. Yesterday I thought it was my phone, but now I am trying from the desktop and it is not working.

What I want to tell you is that what you wrote is more beautiful and deep than all the poets and writers you put at the end.
I don;t know your friend but this post show how lucky she was to have someone like you in her life.
You are so sweet, passionate and sensitive!
I love you Holly

Sher said...

Just...thank you...this means the world to read...blessings and comfort to you and your sweet heart and deep soul...

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