Sunday, May 23, 2010

The handsome young man at the post office

So I went the post office around 11pm to use the automated shipping machine. NO ONE was around, the place was absolutely desolate. I was quietly weighing items when I got the eerie feeling that someone was looking at me. Wait, not just looking. STARING. But the door hadn't opened since I entered; was someone already here and I just hadn't noticed?

I turned ever so slowly... and SHRIEKED, flinging mail like the mace I wished I had. Facing me was an eerily-grinning young man, violating the social rules that dictate please do not stare creepily at females in abandoned buildings close to the midnight hour. Every hair on the back of my neck stood straight up.

And then I realize:


Go me. Post office: 1, amygdala: 0


Niffer said...


Surfie said...

Maybe you WERE being watched. By the hidden cameras the post office installed so they can all laugh at your reaction later. Makes me wonder how many other people have been startled by Mr. Cardboard Man.

Soda and Candy said...

He looks totally shady to me, I say keep an eye on that 40% recycled bastard!

geekhiker said...


I can't blame you. It's the hair. That's totally stalker-dude hair.

spleeness said...

Hidden cameras?? Oh no! There must be a vid going up on YouTube RIGHT NOW featuring my spastic heart attack. ::facepalm::

mirellamccracken said...

LOL reminded me of nurse Jackie's episode when the handsome doctor did the ad.
...anyway they ended up writing on the paper board where his picture was "I grab boobies"...
LOL funny post Holly:)

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