Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To the pinch-faced JHU alumnus....

To the pinched-faced JHU alumnus with the overflowing backseat of stuffed animals: judging from the way you hitched yourself to my bumper on this morning's commute, you were not a physics major.

No love,

Monday, June 14, 2010

What jobs did you hate?

I was driving to an appointment recently when I heard severe thunderstorms were on the way. I glanced up at the sky to see the clouds roiling and snapped both these pix (taken within seconds of eachother -- see how different the clouds look?).

When the sky darkens, my spleen wants nothing more then to curl up with a good book and a cuppa tea and revel in nature's symphony.

However, shortly after the tornado watch was announced, I raced home wondering what was I supposed to do if I encountered an actual twister while driving: leave the car and dive into a ditch, or stay in the car? Which is it? (I'm pretty sure the standing advice is, you're screwed, with a hearty BWAHAHAHA from the universe.)
Anyone *like* the idea of being a storm chaser? (I mean, the idea is fascinating but how do you tamp down that survival lobe, the most significant part of the brain that's been tweaked and honed since the dawn of man? The one that says "HOLY &*%$#, that is a swirling tower of death and dismembered kittens and OHGHD it's heading THIS. WAY." Because I'm pretty sure I'd want out of the job at that point.)

Still, storm chaser sounds exotic enough. But what would be your most dreaded job? What task would you avoid no matter HOW much money? Or, what would be so boring that you'd rather be unemployed?

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