Sunday, October 31, 2010

The WMATA trains of FAIL

Saturday I had to go downtown for a memorial service right in the middle of what my mom would say is "en mitten drinnen," Yiddish for "in the middle of things." And so, in the middle of Jon Stewart's Rally for Sanity (see its 100 best signs), I vetoed driving and ended up in the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority nest of f*** which culminated in 2 mile jog/walk from Dupont Circle to Georgetown.

I spent almost the entire train ride trying not to accidentally start a family with the multitudinous strangers whose lower limbs, vying for space, found themselves wrapped themselves around my thighs during a long, awkward train ride made longer because we kept stopping due to track maintenance and heavy volume. When we DID stop, doors opened and eager riders gazed longingly at us packed sardines and instantly calculated the futility of a fit. Not a single other person was able to squeeze on after Silver Spring, and we weren't even in DC yet . Also, this trek, undertaken after much metro jostling and a sprint up the Dupont Circle escalator of doom (which was broken so no resting!), added a note of comic urgency to the already pressing matter of making a remembrance service on time.

Look at this packed station!
The insanity! Metro photo from Deb


mirellamccracken said...

So miss sanity, insanity, saintity...just being in DC!

Paul Guinnessy said...

We took the bus for exactly that reason, plus it wasn't crowded at all.

geekhiker said...

Maybe next year he can be convinced to hold another one out west...

deva said...

Ho-ly crap. I am SO glad I didn't come down to DC for those rallies. There's nothing worse than a crowded metro (maybe a crowded subway).

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