Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Olives of Bliss (aka Castelvetrano olives)

castelvetrano olives
 It all started with an innocent trip to the grocery store. I picked up a deli carton of assorted olives and bit into a kind I've never seen before. It was bright green and firm and stunningly delicious. I think I stopped breathing for a couple seconds. Can respiration halt out of bliss?

I still didn't know what they were called but I eagerly awaited my next acquaintance with them.

The next day, I began the drive home when I got stuck in the most heartless traffic jam ever -- stuck at a light that would not move for 15 minutes within WALKING distance of my precious olives. I thought I was going to shrivel up into a bag of need. Those olives were the only things on my mind; I could practically taste them.

Finally got home and finished them. Now what was I going to do? I'd found them in a supermarket far away. They HAD to be someplace nearby. I put my bet on Whole Foods and made a pilgrimage.


Please don't tell me olives are fattening. YOU MUST TRY CASTELVETRANO OLIVES. They are brined in crack.
A friend following my saga wrote me: "we'd like to schedule some time for an intervention"!


Hon2 said...

My goodness, I can't *wait* to try these olives!

Julie Miller said...

I think you need to pace yourself... your reaction (the sounds, lack of breathing, etc.) sound like you may have Olive Apnea. A CPAP (Castelvetrano Portable Automatic Provider) machine may be what you need to get you through those sleeping hours.

geekhiker said...

I can't get this vision of you eating olives, crossed with "that" scene in When Harry Met Sally, out of my head now...

Jen said...

hmmm, it looks as though we live in the same metro area. Last I checked I lived in WI and you lived in WA. Weird.

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