Wednesday, February 16, 2011

past few months in photos

Okay, I've been posting sporadically lately. Here are my past few months, in pictures:

Heat FAIL.
That was the night I bought THIS awesome little space heater.

Fired a rifle for the first time.

Giant disembodied head at the
Museum of Natural History's BRAIN exhibit, NYC

U.S. Capitol at sunset - I took this with my phone and didn't add
any effects except for the border. I love this shot because of the warm light.

It flurried and (it appears) this triggered a bout of
amoebic dysentery for the ENTIRE TOWN.
Barely any toilet paper to be found.

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mirellamccracken said...

Oh Baby girl what a beautiful memories, your PJ's!!!!! we are celebrating our first year of friendship... it all started during the blizzard or what did we call it, snowmageddon?
oh if people read this they will think something else is going on lol lol....Anyway thank you for sharing... I hope srping and summer will be predominent in the next year's pictures... and lots of love!

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