Tuesday, March 22, 2011

jaunt around DC

Some pix from this past weekend's jaunt around DC. (It's more exciting to post photos of adventure then write about the reality of having no time to do laundry, foodshop, clean or pay bills: I have been lathering with shampoo because I ran out of soap, drying myself with a single tiny square of a handtowel, stepping over a giant mail pile and snacking on over-salted dried black olives for breakfast and dinner. Weekday start WIN. At least lunch was awesome with my $4 banh mih meatball sandwich.)


Surfie said...

I'm pretty sure I could never buy body wash for the rest of my life and never run out. I'm a Bath and Body Works junkie. I had to ban myself from the store. Seriously. I don't go in more than once a year anymore, if even that often.

I've never had dried olives before. I can't even imagine how salty they must be considering how salty the canned ones are! Hope you get your house in order soon. :)

aishaj said...

wait. where do they make meatball banh mi's???!!

i can completely relate to the house/lack of time situation! i'm sure once i get good and fed up enough, i'll take care of it.
i'm purging a lot of stuff now and redecorating, so i'm accepting that the house is gonna be crazy-looking for awhile. :)

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