Sunday, July 24, 2011

Work like a dog. It's good for you.

I read something yesterday that I just really loved.
"This is what I mean by "we should all work like dogs": We should do what comes most naturally, reflexively, effortlessly. Many of my clients initially see this as irresponsible. They believe virtuous work means getting all tensed up and doing things they loathe. This is simply unsound marketing. My first and last sales principle is this: Love sells better than hate. Find a way to package what you can't stop doing, as in "Look! I love to raise my paw! So I'll use it to point out game, and we'll both be happy!"

"One of the best life coaches I've ever trained started on her career
path not knowing there was such a profession. She had just one objective-to get paid for reading self-help books. Her joy and intelligence make her a brilliant problem solver. I've used her myself-she's wildly expensive and worth every penny.

"Use the work-like-a-dog principle to make your career and time-budgeting decisions. Should you go back to school? Only if it makes you salivate with desire. Should you stay home with your children? Yes-if the thought makes you feel as though someone's rubbing your tummy. Would you rather have a job? Don't apologize, just go ahead and work. Like a dog."
--Martha Beck


drmathochist said...

If I could scam people into paying me exorbitant amounts of money to repeat hoary platitudes to them with no training and call it "life coaching" *I'd* be pretty happy to go to work, too!

Not everyone can get paid to do what they enjoy, and it's irresponsible if not downright reckless to encourage them that everyone can.

Anonymous said...

This must mean that the time at work passes in dog years. I never could figure out if that were a good thing or not. CC

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