Monday, November 26, 2012

Hurricane Sandy aftermath

This former Jersey girl jetted to NJ over Thanksgiving, horrified to see how Hurricane Sandy ravaged her hometown areas. Here are some select photos I took from my phone:

Half a house, Union Beach, NJ

Ravaged auto repair center, but spraypainted on the door is:
"Ron's still workin"

The family of this house escaped and put everything important in
the attic but now cannot get into the house to retrieve it.
Union Beach, NJ

Random rooftop, Union Beach, NJ
This bloat floated here when the water flooded over.

Front porch steps are all that's left. Across the water in the
background is Staten Island. Sometimes you can see the
Verrazano Narrows Bridge on a clear day.

Destroyed house, Sea Bright, NJ

"You Loot U Die" (seems pretty clear, eh?)

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Feel free to use these photos as long as you credit me and link either to this blog or my Hurricane Sandy Flickr page. Any questions, contact me at Thanks for stopping by!


linda said...

your iphone takes much better pictures than my digital camera.

ElGuapo said...

No telling how long it will take to come back from Sandy...

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