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The Eastern vs. Western Diet: comparison of photos on Instagram

Last time I was in the gym, I found myself stationed in front of a daytime talk show. The hosts were discussing health and all three woman threw their hands up in the air at once and said, "WHY is there so much heart disease in this country?"

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN WHAT PEOPLE EAT? Why are we still having this conversation?? You mean you don't KNOW?

I follow people from around the world on Instagram and a favorite camera subject appears to be meals. I couldn't help but notice the differences in the eastern vs. western diet and so compiled some examples, side-by-side, below:
The Eastern vs. Western Diet
Cucumber vs. Steak
Fish (oh hai, fish head) with healthy Omega 3 fatty acids vs. chicken.
Not the worst example, but what's at left is still pretty atypical for a westerner.
Nice, brothy soup with veggies vs.... what IS that?
Chicken-fried steak? Is there even chicken or steak in that disk?
I don't actually know what it is, but it appears to be smothered
in gravy with hash browns, eggs and pancakes loaded with
butter or whipped cream or both. OMG.
Veggie heavy dish vs. meat / bread heavy-dish.
(This is pretty common. Westerners don't seem to think a meal
is a meal unless it involves a hefty amount of protein.)
Another veggie heavy dish vs. fatty breakfast. Goodness,
do we know how to pile the calories on first thing in the morning or what?
(Note the bacon in the corner. Mmm, bacon.)
I'm not saying this isn't DELICIOUS because I love terrible things
as much as the next person, just... you can't pretend it's healthy.

Veggie heavy dish vs. pepperoni pizza, Sicilian style for extra calories in bread.
Man vs. sandwich on right: WHOA that's a lot of meat!
Hot dog with veggies vs. hot dog with starches.
Veggies vs. chicken fingers.
Can't forget: veggies vs. pasta, a universally beloved vessel of empty calories.
Veggie-heavy dish vs. ... are those nachos?
Sprouts vs. meat. There was nothing on this person's plate but MEAT.
Not a single vegetable in sight.
Veggies vs. creamy potatoes
(white potatoes are another beloved vessel of empty calories).
Fish and veggies vs. fatty dessert!
Now do you see the difference?

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